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lamps and lanterns became pursued tide prop

Walk into market of lamps and lanterns and anytime you can feel the fashion, the trend of pulse. Some containing high technology and have the artistic grade of "special lamps and lanterns" bouncy. Such as smokeless, tasteless, and pollution-free electronic mosquitoes lamp, charging type fan radio light etc all prowess, sonic electronic magic lamp with vacuum ion for the light source, its gorgeous lightning silver arc can rise and fall with music, dance, and fingers lampshade will send filar silk cashier line and starlight, like a warm and elegant art ever-burning lamps, By the clock and radio creative combination of lamps and lanterns, late at night without lights will see time, Have regular alarm clock control ", "listen to television program, and other functions, catering to the fast pace of modern life needs. Due to the different lamps and lanterns collocation have different usage, lamps and lanterns became pursued tide prop.

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